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“What is time?”

Àpeiron is an orbital tour around the power of this question, an intriguing path in which reality and imagination follow the wonder, in a progression of abstractions and visual speculations.


“And yet visual solutions remain crucial, sometimes showing up unexpectedly to decide situations that neither the surmises of thought nor the resources of language would be able to resolve” Italo Calvino – Six Memos For The Next Millenium

The nature of Àpeiron is enclosed in this quote by Italo Calvino. The gravitational field of the film is visual experimentation inspired by the question about the enigma of Time; indeed, no investigation whatsoever has been able to give a thorough answer, not the highest peaks of philosophical reasoning, nor the modern scientific theories. Against this backdrop, Àpeiron is set up as a quest whose abstractions and new points of view develop into an astonishing, enchanting texture.

The images achieved through handcraft filming techniques, communicate to a perception level like a “voyage of the gaze”. Shapes and movements summon more interpretations, and are able to depict different scales of observation, from far galaxies to the smaller strings. A progression of abstractions and recognisable shapes, optical illusions in a puzzle in which the viewer itself becomes a part of the composition. The scientific point of view will be carried on by a special visive interference. It is a set of old footage from some physics lessons from the ‘50s held at the MIT, talking about Time, measures, entropy, optical illusions and so on. These will convey the pointless pathway of the human being that tries to find a scientific definition of time.

After a first amorphous and magmatic moment, the Universe becomes determined. This leads us in a desert space where time seems to stand still. Then the world reveals itself upside down and the man makes his appearance through underwater sequences, in which a human figure progressively appears in the field of vision. From here, the look focuses on the point of view of human being.

Gone everyday through the wonderful dance of life, man has basically consumed his own given Time. In the background, almost hidden but constantly present, a cold and dark certainty remains: Death seems to be the core of this mysterious Time.

The curtain falls, the end arrives and the conscience detaches from reality. Time widens one last time before the last implosion. After the final, infinitesimal and anonymous instants, the last breath snuffs away and everything comes back inside the Undefined, Àpeiron, from which everything was molded in the beginning.

Principle of everything is Àpeiron, the Boundless, whence all the things have their origin and thence they find their destruction, as is the order of things; for they give justice and reparation to one another for their injustice, in conformity with the ordinance of Time”.  Anaximander

“Àpeiron will be inside various scenarios relating to microworld and cosmos, fractals and chaos. Something that looks something else. An attempt to destabilize the spatial perspective, and consequently the perception of time.”

“An experimental film orbiting around scientific and philosophical reflections on time and space, through various shooting techniques, fields of magnification, and an exciting soundtrack, it weaves a web between science and magic.” http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2015/02/prograve-aquatic-wildlife

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Each point with an orbit that does not escape to infinity, nor is attracted by a cycle, forms the Julia Set

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