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“What is time?”

Àpeiron is an orbital tour around the power of this question, an intriguing path in which reality and imagination follow the wonder, in a progression of abstractions and visual speculations.


Humankind has always questioned itself about the enigma of Time, but no investigation whatsoever has been able to give a thorough answer, not the highest peaks of philosophical reasoning (“Time is a moving image of eternity” Plato), nor the modern scientific theories (“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one” A. Einstein). Against this backdrop, Àpeiron is set up as a quest whose abstractions and new points of view develop into an astonishing, enchanting texture.

The movie is organized in a cyclic architecture that ordinates the main steps of the whole visual and auditory experience in six chapters, in a perception trip that shapes a new way to conceive time without following any traditional narrative device. The customary considerations on the subject, in fact, are often an exhausting and radical exercise of the thought leading to a sterile loop: one cannot ask about time without already being inside it.

Therefore, when the concept fails, the pursuit finds a brand new path, even more ancient and primitive, somehow able to guide both the heart and the mind. At first, the old concept of mind and this new perspective do not seem to overlap: they intermingle confusedly, together with the everyday life. Then everything gets clearer and a different belief shed above the rest: life is possible only if inside the stream of time.

Every particular, every ugliness and beauty are not but a part of the story that every individual chooses to live, and so this gives it a unique and unreplaceable meaning.

However, in the end, even this strong and full certainty comes to an end, in a surprisingly unmistakable way. Suddenly, death extinguishes life, dusting it in the black abyss of the Undefined, from which, at first, everything had previously come.

“Àpeiron will be inside various scenarios relating to microworld and cosmos, fractals and chaos. Something that looks something else. An attempt to destabilize the spatial perspective, and consequently the perception of time.”

“An experimental film orbiting around scientific and philosophical reflections on time and space, through various shooting techniques, fields of magnification, and an exciting soundtrack, it weaves a web between science and magic.” http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2015/02/prograve-aquatic-wildlife

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Each point with an orbit that does not escape to infinity, nor is attracted by a cycle, forms the Julia Set

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