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“I don’t know what we are doing, if we are giving a space to memory or if we are rewriting the future”


Apeiron is a meditation on time, something that we aren’t able to define with words and that eludes investigation about its nature.

The film develops as a subjective audio-visual path that begins from abstraction, progressively arrives to a practical prospect of the world, then returns to abstraction following a cyclicity. This cyclical form was inspired by a fragment of an ancient Greek philosopher, Anaximander, whose idea named the film.

So, Apeiron is a visual-wooble from an imaginary plane to a real one, obtained through handcrafted footages, microscopy, astrophotography, naturalistic sequences and subjective points of view. The result is a motley collage in terms of space-time, connected by a personal and poetic voice over.

The principal source of inspiration of the voice is the impossibility to stop the present and the nature of collective and personal memory. The infinite dimensions on the topic of time are thus focused on a poetic level.

About the source of the meaning, the many potential interpretations both of experimental sequences and the concrete ones mediated by the director, encourage a fruition that isn’t based on a consequential narration, but on the viewers’ memories and experiences.

Principle of everything is Àpeiron, the Boundless, whence all the things have their origin and thence they find their destruction, as is the order of things; for they give justice and reparation to one another for their injustice, in conformity with the ordinance of Time”.  Anaximander

“Àpeiron will be inside various scenarios relating to microworld and cosmos, fractals and chaos. Something that looks something else. An attempt to destabilize the spatial perspective, and consequently the perception of time.”

“An experimental film orbiting around scientific and philosophical reflections on time and space, through various shooting techniques, fields of magnification, and an exciting soundtrack, it weaves a web between science and magic.” http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2015/02/prograve-aquatic-wildlife

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