Sandro Bocci

Sandro Bocci is an italian film maker and documentarist, specialized in experimental naturalistic filming and non-GGI visual effects.

In 2012 he produced and directed his first non-verbal movie “Meta (3.1 / km²)”.

In the same year he founded the independent label “Julia Set Collection”  specialized in producing and publishing visual art, film, visual effects and music. “A knot in the idea-space”

Influenced by studying fractal geometry in nature, Sandro Bocci is experienced in shooting macro/micro and astrophotography. He has developed several short movies about the world of fluid dynamics, cymatics and generally everything related to various scales and movements in natural phenomena.

In 2013 “Meta (3.1 / km²)” won the award for Best Documentary at SIFF (Salento International Film Festival) and in 2015 won for Best Photography at Premio Libero Bizzarri concorso Italia Doc.

Sandro Bocci has recently collaborated with the production of the film Voyage of Time and Song to Song by Terrence Malick, providing some non-CGI visual effects and additional footages.

In addition to this he works with other kinds of project, as well as video production for art installations and interdisciplinary projects inspired by science and new technologies.

Sandro Bocci @ Venezia 73

contact: juliasetcollection(at)


Each point with an orbit that does not escape to infinity, nor is attracted by a cycle, forms the Julia Set

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